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Modern spaces are aesthetically enhanced by streamlined, high-gloss feature “statement” pieces. While striking frames and bold accents are right for many situations, there are times when you want your photography to be the complete focus. That’s where professionally printing your photo an acrylic glass could be the perfect solution.

Perspex printing allows for the highest quality image of your photograph to be printed directly and edge-to-edge onto glass. No bulky frames – just fine-cut edges, and a sleek, glossy finish to perfectly complement your modernistic home, gallery show, or workspace. This elegant acrylic print on plexiglass ensures your photography is the sole centre of attention while greatly enhancing the impact of your artwork.


Aluminium photo prints can be customised to have square corners, rounded corners, or a full circular finish

By printing your photos on glass, you are no longer bound by four corners. Unframed acrylic photo prints from Sim Frame can be designed with a choice of traditionally squared corners, or softly rounded edges. You can even choose to display your photography with a fully circular finish; resulting in the ultimate modern display.

Why not mix things up a little? Choose a collection of varying different acrylic print sizes and shapes to display on your wall – this will make for a beautiful, unique, and visually stimulating showcase.

Whether you are looking to make a statement in your home, add character to your studio, or bring a modern and minimalist vibe to your bar or restaurant, glass photo prints are the perfect addition to your space.

Frame Your Acrylic Print

Framed Metal Print
Front of Framed Metal Print

If you’re looking for a high-quality glossy modern finish for your artwork with a traditional edge, you can upgrade your acrylic print with a professional modern wooden frame.

We believe less is more when it comes to presenting your art and this is why our acrylic print frames are designed to simply add a minimalistic touch to give your glass photographs extra impact.

You can choose from either a matt black or white organic wood frame to further enhance your photography. Your Perspex photo print floats seamlessly inside the frame with a 5mm gap on each edge; perfectly showcasing the image for display.

Print Quality

Here at Sim Frame, we offer market-leading printing quality through cutting-edge media technology. Our large format UV flatbed printer gives a flawless edge-to-edge image while enhancing colours and lines for an incredibly high quality final result.

This ultra-fine inkjet print process allows us to produce your photograph with a precise and professional finish that’s minimalist yet striking.

Bespoke Projects

Perspex printing created all of these photos in this wall gallery

If it’s a bespoke Perspex printing service that you need, then Sim Frame is here to help. We offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes for your glass photo print with sizes ranging from 10×10” up to an impressive 60×40”.

We understand that your needs won’t always fit into a standard option on a list. That’s why we also offer a bespoke service for our acrylic photo prints to suit you. If you can’t see the size you need on our list below, talk to the Sim Frame team today.

Popular Formats

Aluminium photo prints can be customised to have square corners, rounded corners, or a full circular finish

Thanks to their diversity in size and orientation, acrylic photo prints are ideal for designing “salon style” gallery exhibitions, where in small and medium sized images are hung close together to create a larger unique display.

With its recent revival in current interior design popularity, this could be an excellent option to consider for your home or studio re-designs. The floating effect of the unframed acrylic prints allows you the flexibility to separate one single image to mimic this style or to consolidate a collection of images in a framed finish instead.

SubFrame & Wall Fixings

Back of Metal Print
Back of Metal Print

To create the perfect display in your studio, home, or workspace, Sim Frame are on hand to make the process as easy as possible. All of our acrylic photo prints are created with a pre-fitted rear mounted subframe. This means no one will be able to see where the photograph attaches to the wall; giving it an impressive and minimalist floating appearance.

Acrylic prints are designed to sit flat against the surface instead and every order you receive from us will be supplied with fixings pre-attached. That means your order is ready to go straight on the wall. Simply line-up the pre-fitted hangers on the back of the print with your two screws on the wall to display your acrylic photo print right away.

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Sizes & Prices of Acrylic Prints

See our size and price guide below. If you can’t see the perfect size for you, simply get in touch with our friendly customer support team to see how we can help.


Inches mm Acrylic Print Framed Acrylic Order 3+?
12 x 8″ 305 x 203 £32.00 £45.00 Call Us
12 x 10″ 305 x 254 £40.00 £50.00 Call Us
16 x 12″ 406 x 305 £55.00 £65.00 Call Us
20 x 16″ 508 x 406 £70.00 £100.00 Call Us
24 x 16″ 610 x 406 £95.00 £120.00 Call Us
24 x 20″ 610 x 508 £105.00 £130.00 Call Us
30 x 20″ 762 x 508 £110.00 £150.00 Call Us
30 x 24″ 762 x 610 £145.00 £200.00 Call Us
40 x 30″ 1016 x 762 £200.00 £250.00 Call Us
60 x 40″ 1524 x 1016 £320.00 £420.00 Call Us


Inches mm Acrylic Print Framed Acrylic Order 3+?
10 x 10″ 254 x 254 £32.00 £45.00 Call Us
12 x 12″ 305 x 305 £45.00 £55.00 Call Us
16 x 16″ 406 x 406 £65.00 £90.00 Call Us
20 x 20″ 508 x 508 £95.00 £120.00 Call Us
24 x 24″ 610 x 610 £120.00 £160.00 Call Us
30 x 30″ 762 x 762 £170.00 £220.00 Call Us
36 x 36″ 914 x 914 £210.00 £270.00 Call Us
40 x 40″ 1016 x 1016 £240.00 £320.00 Call Us

All Prices Exclude VAT


Appleton - Modern Square Wooden Photo Frame
Baroque - Ornate Metallic Wooden Photo Frame
Casa - Rounded Edge Wooden Photo Frame
Classic - Contemporary Wooden Photo Frame
Vintage - Shabby Chic Wood Photo Frame
Chevron of a floating picture frame
Floating Picture Frame
Corner of an acrylic photo print
Acrylic Prints
Corner of a custom metal print
Metal Prints

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